Monday, 9 July 2012

Pseudoscience stuff from the week 2-8/7/12

A swiss report on shaken water (often termed 'homeopathy' by entrepeneurial fraudsters) recently stated, after looking at the same UK data that condemned it as witchcraft, to be effective, and cost effective!
How did they manage this reversal of reality?
Well, a clue is in the fact that all on the panel were... you guessed it... homeopaths!

Hint: if it's natural - don't do it!
'Her baby died. Yet freebirthers still want you to try it'
'Cautions over rise in unbooked births'
"Complications for the women and particularly the babies are increased and although fortunately rare, death can occur."

Here's one for the Daily Mail to grab hold of!
The caveat in paragraph 10:
"It is possible that these numbers are insufficient for any association with coffee consumption to be seen," said Han. "As the study participants are followed for a longer time, the number of cases of these conditions is likely to increase. We may be in a position in 10 years' time to better address this issue."

'Study shows loss of control leads to paranormal beliefs'
Having read the content of the article, i would rephrase the title to:
Anxiety leads to superstition, including paranormal beliefs.

'Positive outcome no more likely in industry-funded trials'
So says a study written by authors who do not declare their conflicts of interest! Quite suspicious...
Incidentally, it's the negative results that industry marketing departments 'lose', which skew the datasets that become known to the public (if the company doesn't like the result, they just don't pay for it to be published, no matter what the researcher thinks)

What's the harm in vitamin therapy? When used in place of anti-psychotic drugs - murder.

What's the harm in herbal remedies? Child injured, mother charged. Switched meds for seaweed.

What's the harm in seeing a psychic? Swindled Turkish woman literally left "holding the bag

What's the harm in spiritual healers? Madison WI woman loses $5K in 'cleansing'

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