Monday, 2 July 2012

Politics stuff from the week 25/6 - 1/7/12

'Hooded' - Amnesty International
(Don't watch if you're easily frightened)

'Unemployed Americans face greater risk of mortality'
"Employment policy is also health policy according to a University of British Columbia study that found that workers experienced higher mortality rates if they didn't have access to social protections like employment insurance and unemployment benefits."
They should not be considered 'benefits' - they should be called 'maintenance' - they are not given on the basis of deserving - they are given because they are necessary.
The health of people who do not have this welfare available to them is known to be badly affected by its absence.

Prohibition of drugs (the so-called "war on drugs") is exacerbating the AIDS pandemic, say six former national presidents, by driving people away from treatment.
"The report accused the US, Russia and Thailand of ignoring scientific evidence about the relationship between law enforcement policies and HIV rates "with devastating consequences.""

'Teenage pregnancy deaths a 'global scandal' - Save The Children charity'
There simply is no reason that adolescent girls should die from pregnancy. Taboo and anti-abortion superstition be damned! These children simply must have access to contraception and safe abortions.
The damage done by contraception and/or abortion is as nothing to the very real, human cost of pregnancy.

Oh, boy - now here's a false economy - saving money on healthcare, by cutting back on healthcare! The cost of the health problems are just going to come back and bite them on the arse!
'Spain cuts subsidies for more than 450 medicines'

Marcus Brigstocke on I-should-run-the-country-because-i-was-in-the-Bullingdon-Club-Cameron's condemnation of entitlement culture - The Now Show - 29th June 2012

This is why private healthcare is an abomination -- people's ill-health should never be exploited for profit!
'No cure in sight for US health care costs'
""Every time I see what I pay for me and my family's health it makes me sick," says Fiona, a 46-year-old mother of two who -- unlike some 50 million Americans -- actually has health insurance."
FSM bless the NHS!

Peers in the House of Lords are enjoying extensive corruption, and are not disclosing a vast number of connections with companies, who are intending to corrupt the machinations of government.
The Bureau investigates...

The Bureau has also been conducting an investigation into corruption between Conservative Party leader David Cameron, and fund-raising meetings...

The list of Awareness ribbons:
Notice that the top one is for lung cancer awareness. There was an article in last week's New Scientist (behind a paywall, unfortunately, so there's no point me linking it), that pointed out how people who die from lung cancer but have never smoked, suffer the same stigma that compromises research into smoking-caused lung cancer.

The Con-Dem government has decided not to increase fuel duty, presumably due to pressure from the driving lobbyists. It doesn't help that the Labour Party supported their decision.
This should help preserve the false economy of continuing to use fossil-fuelled automobiles, and perpetuate the increasing ecological damage done by it. What a pathetic decision!
And to pile another argument on - it would have been an exra source of revenue - which the State really needs right now, because economic recession is having a damaging effect on society.
But then again, i wouldn't expect the Conservatives to care about that, because one of the first things they did when they got into Office was to cu crucial social services to the sick, bed-ridden, and homeless!

Oh, this is so pathetic -- Sexism met with sexism!
'Tennis star causes Wimbledon racket with equal pay outburst'
Female tennis players receive equal prize money at slams, and more prize money at other tournaments, but earn less prize money over the year, because there are fewer tournaments for women.
However - they are not on an equal footing - they receive vastly more pay from sponsorship contracts (because they're more attractive, duh!)
And no - it's not "that old argument" that women play less. When people go to see tennis matches, they see less when women play, because women play fewer sets.
You can't do anything about people retiring from matches, or some matches being one-sided, but you can ensure that they play to the same rules.
Feminism is just as moronic and unacceptable as masculinism -- you achieve nothing by mirroring their sexism -- equality means equality - you can't just cherry-pick which variables you get to be equal at!

Increasing abundance and use of contraceptives is succeeded by a decrease in abortion rates.
Well, that's a 'not shit, sherlock' for me - and something for the Religionist abstinence-only preachers to deny!

'What happened to Boris tax dodgers crackdown?'
Why would a man who gets paid a quarter of a million pounds per year to write drivel into the Torygraph's columns put any effort at all into cutting tax avoidance? 'Conflict of interest' is the catchphrase of the hour!

Lord Tebbit - ex-Conservative whip - says men marrying men and women marrying women is unnecessary, because they can just marry someone of the opposite sex instead.
What really gets him riled, though, is that siblings aren't allowed to have civil partnerships!

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