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Sociology stuff from the week 25/6 - 1/7/12

We now know that sexual equality is not only good for women - it makes men happier too - and this also covers involvement in household chores!
(Sex - not gender - gender is a grammatical construct (he/she/it) not a biological one - the article writers reinforce this error all the way through. Typical!)
Too many businesses do not acknowledge this, though - women still struggle to achieve parity in the highly misogynistic environments of corporate business, for example.
And then, there are Religious businesses, of course (Well, duh!)
But it doesn't stop there -- many businesses are loath to adapt to paternity pay, equal working conditions, and equal pay.
Also, women are shouldering the majority of the work when it comes to family-raising:
"Many women still struggle to strike a work-life balance, especially when it comes to having children. Some decide not to have children for the sake of their careers, while others “rein in” their careers to start a family. Often they do this by reducing their working hours; in the UK, for example, 40% of women work part time, compared with just 10% of men"
But the general trend is one of increasing equality; across all of Europe, at least.
An example, from this week, of awful sexism in hedge funds:
And homophobia amongst bankers (based on femininity):

Socio-economic status and life expectancy is linked to a degree never before conceived.
"Men in the more deprived parts of London are living up to 17 years less than those living in the wealthier boroughs."
The Bureau investigates:

Women in the lowest decile of socio-economic status experience twice as many stillbirths as women in the highest decile, in England, a study has shown.
This health inequality manifests through various other factors:
"Risk factors for this condition include previous pregnancies, several pregnancies close together, smoking, and being at the extreme ends of the reproductive age spectrum, say the authors."
Poverty and wealth are not merely matters of how much money we have - health is known to be intrinsically linked to social equality, and socio-economic status.

'Immigration growth in Spain has not caused more crime'
Migrants do not cause crime. Sometimes , an illusion of criminality can present itself, because a high proportion of migrants are young, and younger men commit a more-than-proportional number of crimes.

Inequality begets more inequality, it seems.
'Support for welfare depends on how secure we feel on our rung on the social ladder, new research shows'
Those of us who are less aware of austerity, show greater opposition to welfare support, and those of lower socio-economic status who experience greater necessity for it, are most in favour of it.
"It takes a more widespread misfortune, such as national or global recession, to shift attitudes. They write:
"To create cross-class coalitions - that is, a wider proportion of the population supporting the welfare state - risks have to broaden in reach, not just deepen in impact on the already disadvantaged.""

'Offenders need integrated, on-going, mental health care'
Some people get stuck in a cycle of crime-doing, unemployment, and ill mental health, causing them to be trapped in a vice of socio-economic status and poor health.
"Most prisoners, and many people on the probation caseload, have a mental health condition. It is important that these people are able to get access to mental health support as part and parcel of help with their most urgent needs. This should include equal access to Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services for offenders."

'The academic jungle: Ecosystem model reveals why women are driven out of science'
Because women are more likely to go work part-time jobs, they are less productive when it comes to producing papers, which in turn means they receive fewer citations.
In a world where citations determine your perception - your gravitas, so to speak - this means women find it more difficult to establish themselves in research, in order to encourage other women to do likewise.

Agreed. Google does not describe people as Jews - it's a *search* term - and not even the searchers are *describing* people as Jews.
But they have controlled for particular suggestions in the past, and they should prevent their algorithm from supporting factionalism in their users.
'Google in deal with French groups over 'Jew' suggestion'

The Death Penalty is on the decline, across the world, according to Harvard Law School speakers. Good thing too! It's a stupid idea, that doesn't work, isn't painless, and involves the deaths of innocent people.
Amnesty on the death penalty:

Deaf people can now sign in the languages of Physics, Maths, Chemistry, and Biology!

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