Monday, 2 July 2012

Entertainment stuff from the week 25/6 - 1/7/12

Series 57 of 'I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue' is upon us!!!!!

Igudesman and Joo introduce the 8 to 88 music workshop...

Marcus Brigstocke on I-should-run-the-country-because-i-was-in-the-Bullingdon-Club-Cameron's condemnation of entitlement culture - The Now Show - 29th June 2012

The Darkness' official 'Everybody Have A Good Time' video!!
I think the word you'll be looking for is... "random" :D

There's more Darkness on my YouTube channel (linked on the toolbar)

Red Dwarf X is complete - and ready to be broadcast some time in August/September :)

Same for Red Dwarf out-cuts and titbits and stuff

Quote Of The Week: "Imitation is the sincerest form of theft" - Iain Pattinson

Quote Of Last Week: "The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity" - Captain Jean Luc Picard
Was für ein Kerl!

Sentence of the week: Vote for one of these
(always ask the rate-payer's permission; calls will be charged at national rates; calls from a mobile may cost extra)

1) "The point-like X-ray source was discovered by the International Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory, or INTEGRAL, and is called IGR J11014-6103 (or IGR J11014 for short)."

2) A pulsar wind nebula is a nebula powered by the pulsar wind of a pulsar. (Wiki for "pulsar wind nebula")

The Real Spirit Of The Olympics - The Pod Delusion

Queen and Adam Lambert, performing Who Wants To Live Forever?, A Kind OF Magic, and These Are The Days OF Our Lives

There's more Queen and Brian solo stuff on my YouTube channel as well!

Which sport are you best suited to? Find out, with this NHS sport aptitude test:
I'm best suited to racquet sports, apparently... quite glad about that, considering how much tennis i watch :D

[video] Oh, this looks awesome!
Protect Agent Higgs from being discovered, by hiding him behind other particles of the Standard Model.
It look good fun - but it's only available to those with an iPhone :(

Hands up... who noticed?

"The last minute of June 30, 2012 is destined to be 61 seconds long, for timekeepers are to add a "leap second" to compensate for the wibbly-wobbly movements of our world."
Typical - they go to all that effort - and you didn't even notice it happen!
"This allows us to ensure that everyone on Earth is on the exact same time."
Hmm... slightly naive. Have these people not heard of Relativity? There is no such thing as simultaneity!

[video] Robot hand wins at rock, paper, scissors every time. How? It cheats.
It reads its opponents' hand movements, and really quickly decides on and enacts the winning move.
It does this so quickly, that no human can detect the slight pause!

Well done, Austin Villa... not to be confused with the brummie football team!
'University of Texas at Austin team wins robot soccer world championships in 2 divisions'
They beat three-time winners, the University of Bremen, in the final.

'Chile's icy nazarenos line up on glacial plains'

What do people use their phones for, nowadays? Not phoning, apparently!
'Calls place modest fifth in phone time use'

For pole vaulters, clearing the bar is the easy part!
"Do you know what I wouldn’t give just to be able to throw my spikes in a bag and go?”

'The 5 Stupidest Excuses Ever Given in a Political Scandal'

The very first car ad, dating to 1898:

'9 Actors Who Do the Exact Same Thing on Every Movie Poster'

World's best 3D art?

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