Monday, 2 July 2012

Religion stuff from the week 25/6 - 1/7/12

The Islamic Golden Age of Science is a misnomer - the scientific advancements that defined the Golden Age in the middle-east occurred because of geography, climate, and the confluence of ideas from surrounding societies, but were curtailed by Religious zealotry.
Islam did not cause the Golden Age - it ended it - and that is why the 'Islamic world' today, punches so far below its weight, in the world of Science.
In contrast to this, the Netherlands is a region that enjoyed status as a kind of scientific eutopia, for many centuries, because they were prepared to negate Religion, and share ideas freely.

'German court rules religious circumcision on boys an assault'
Genital mutilation is not acceptable, unless there is a clear medical benefit, such as HIV transmission prevention.
To do so out of cultural habit should not be permitted by a civilised society.

'Michael Gove concludes Catholic schools did not break the law in promoting anti-same sex marriage petition'
Then change the law! Homophobia should not be tolerated!

'Church of England Bishop earns £360 for each day at the House of Lords'
That we tolerate these bigots meddling in our governmental machinations at all is disgraceful. That we pay them hundreds of pounds per day to do so, is horrendous!

'Government agency approves Christian fundamentalist exams as ‘comparable’ to A-Level'
"The International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE) uses a curriculum that was previously criticised for claiming the Loch Ness Monster “appears to be a plesiosaur,” and that the mythical beast is evidence against evolution."
Oh, how i wish there were an explicit separation of superstition and State, in the UK, like there is in the US!
It's the only thing holding back the tide of bullshit....
'Louisiana vouchers pay to teach students about Nessie, the evolution-debunking plesiosaur'

Poor Egypt - sinking into the mire of a second Islamic Dark Age
"Egypt has narrowly elected an Islamist President"

'London: School suspends Sunday church group over ‘homosexual offenders’ leaflet'
Inciting homophobia should not even be legal - these events should have been shut down by the police - not on the whim of the school's owners!
Technically, the actual property used is irrelevant in this case, because they were not intending to use the school while populated with children. It doesn't matter where they do it, though - they have no less right to do it in a school than a designated building (Church/Mosque/whatever it gets called). Preventing the indoctrination of anyone, however, should not be left to the discretion of the property owners!

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