Monday, 18 June 2012

Business stuff from the week 11-17/6/12

'Allen Stanford jailed for 110 years for $7bn Ponzi'
I really don't understand. All he did was execute the fundamental capitalist principle of 'hoarding money is good'.
Why aren't conservatives up in arms, defending the man as the kind of entrepreneur that made the West rich?
Oh yeah -- they're not quite *that* stupid! They know people will realise what they're expecting them to believe

This case study of capitalism in Zambia, as exposed by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, has been much easier for them to cover up, and to pretend that capitalism is not to blame.
All the revenue from mining activities has been exported, bypassing the local communities, going straight into the coffers of foreign businesses, and leaving the locals with nothing but a scarred homeland, tonnes of pollutants, and a corrupt political infrastructure.

Apple and Google are making displays of dominance at each other from across k-space.
There's no such thing as a philanthropic profit-motivated organisation - they're all just vying for power.

The 'third sector' (voluntary sector) in the UK is more populous than previously thought.
The number of people holding voluntary positions, in which they do full-time work but are not paid, is more than 1.1 million

Olympic underspend 'must go back to the Big Lottery Fund'
I consider it a disgrace that so much money has been diverted from national lottery funding, away from the poor and needy, to be spent on a massive set of stadiums for rich corporations to buy up after the Games.
The total budget for the Games is here reported as £9,300,000,000, with £476,000,000 of it expected not to be spent.
That money should be returned immediately after the Games ends.

'Vodafone in new tax row'
"The company saw its global corporation tax bill rise to £2.3bn, but HMRC’s coffers saw none of it."
Smaller businesses can not get away with this, and individuals certainly can not. The only difference is power. The State should stand up to this, and get the owed taxation that should be used on the much-needed public services that the Cuntservatives have been cutting under the banner of 'austerity'.

'CBI calls for carbon tax to be scrapped'
Let's get this clear -- the same industry that makes the tax necessary, is whining about the imposition of the tax, while showing no interest in mitigating the necessity of that same tax. If i didn't know ministers heeded this tripe, i would be laughing!

'Dolce & Gabbana on £800m tax evasion rap'
The avoidance of paying tax is a problem intrinsic to organisations motivated by profit. Any organisation motivated by hoarding money will not want to give it away once hoarded. Either the construction of the economy must change, or regulation must be far more stringent than it currently is.

'UK Uncut to challenge HMRC's deal with Goldman Sachs'
Good thing, too! These "settlements" are nothing less than opportunities for corporations to weasel out of paying the full tax they owe. No-one else gets the opportunity to reach a 'settlement' with the Revenue. Just try it!

'Gulf states look to the sun for future power'
This is such a good idea. Even though they're only considering it self-interestedly, there're plenty of wide open spaces that solar panel arrays could occupy.
The most efficient way to get energy from the sun, is via solar power -- the sun drives the wind, drives the waves, so all the others are less efficient at utilising the energy that originally came from the sun in all cases.

Female business owners in the US are doing okay, it seems. Tough shit for the misogynists to chew on!

Despite an overall increase in business travel expenditure, WWF has managed to convince a select number of leading companies to fly less, instead using video relay infrastructure to communicate.
This has saved them an average of £2.4 million each, and has spared us more than 26,000 tonnes of CO2 in emissions.,+engine+has+been+restarted&

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