Sunday, 24 June 2012

Entertainment stuff from the week 18-24/6/12

[video] More Golden Crocoduck nominees - this time on the subject of geocentrism (Potholer54)

THE TEST - Richard Wiseman

Longest name ever?
It's longer than you think!,_Senior
It reminds me of the lawyer in Bleak Expectations, whose name took fully twenty minutes to say, and charged people for the time!

Whew! Haas is on his 'third career', as he calls it (his career's been interrupted by various injuries), and he's managed to beat Roger Federer in the final of the Halle Open!

Who wants to see some pigeons flying around and around in circles, LOL?
'GPS tracking of pigeons flying in a flock'

47 million years old... and still doing it
Fossilised turtles have been discovered, mid-bonk, in a disused quarry in Germany

Corrupt-business-LOL of the week:
Coca-Cola CEO: "Coca-Cola isn't making you fat. Keep drinking it. It's really lovely. Plus, we have a bigger range, now!" (paraphrase) :D
(The reason sugary drinks cause obesity is that they contain an unintuitively large number of calories.)

A new app helps Swedes play out a fantasy with the actor of their choice.
The catch? It has to involve condom use.
Apparently, condom use in Sweden is low. Too low. So this app is part of a campaign to encourage people to use them.
"Once users make their choice, they are asked if they want to use a condom, and then to record their own moaning and groaning, which is then mixed with the sexually elated voice of their character of choice."

'Pasta made from green banana flour a tasty alternative for gluten-free diets'
...and you thought they couldn't get any more disgusting! Blurrgh...

Deepak Chopra is obsolete - he has been replaced by a ‘bot. And it’s amazing how well it captures the true spirit of Chopra!

Alarming message from the future includes RDX hint.
I’m with Neil!

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