Monday, 11 June 2012

Politics stuff from the week 4-10/6/12

Some potent reports on monarchism/republicanism, and Workfare

Of course, when you're conservatives, and your priority for holding a government position is abuse of the system for personal advancement, the best thing you can do facilitate your own fraud and corruption is to hamper the activities of the very department responsible for detecting your fraud and corruption - the PCS.
The Cuntservatives want to privatise parts of Revenue & Customs, at the cost of £4 million, and at least 10,000 jobs, so that they're less able to collect the taxes required to fund all other public sector activities!

Anonymous are protesting India's internet blasphemy laws

Modern day Canutes in North Carolina - they've manipulated legislators in a way that makes it apparently illegal for sea levels to rise non-linearly.
The people responsible are real estate owners - the properties of whom will decrease in value with increasing sea levels that will impinge on tidal boundaries.
This is typical entrepreneurial capitalist myopia - if sea levels don't rise linearly, what can they do? Lash the sea, like Xerxes?
The whole climate change denial movement is motivated by this same misunderstanding of reality - they can not change the nature of reality - they should change their means of employment before they're stuck in a job doomed to extinction, but they don't - they pretend the problem doesn't exist!
"If your beliefs disagree with the nature of reality, you better change your beliefs, because you sure can't change the nature of reality" - not sure who, might be me! (I am willing to claim it)

The ups and downs of a society with a low entropy of power:
Pros - gets stuff done
Cons - doesn't necessarily get the right stuff done
For all its decisive behaviour on renewable power, electric cars, population control, etc, China's still got a government that suppresses criticism, and imprisons anyone who doesn't agree with the party line.
While in 'the west' governments don't have the power, businesses do, and it's the corporate line we're not allowed to criticise (libel cases [nudge nudge]).. oh, and we haven't even done anything about climatic change, fossil fuel pollution, economic sustainability, or overpopulation.
"Internet sites that are deemed politically destabilizing or pornographic are routinely blocked, and the government blocked Twitter and Facebook after they were instrumental in anti-government protests in Iran two years ago."
The current, Cuntservative government's owned by businesses, and would suppress criticism more severely if it could

Prior research into homosexual relationships, and the lives of children borne to homosexual parents has always been small scale and involving non-random samples.
This makes it difficult to infer whether they enjoy better/worse lives than others.
It must be stressed, however, that if homosexual couples or the children of homosexual couples fare worse in their lives, then they do so amidst a culture and legislative framework that treat them as second class citizens.
The effect of this subjugation must not be underestimated. That any studies can find examples of happy relationships involving couples or children clearly indicates that homosexuality is not responsible for "lower levels of income, more receipt of public welfare, lower levels of employment, poorer mental and physical health, poorer relationship quality with current partner, and higher levels of smoking and criminality"
All of these can be accounted for by cultural and legislative prejudice.

The Republican war on women continues, as they block a pay equality bill

In an attempt to support its bid for the 2020 Olympic Games, Qatar has left that conspicuously misogynistic of groups - countries that forbid women from competing at the Olympics entirely
The two remaining countries are Brunei and Saudi Arabia. "Her competition, in all probability, will last approximately 13 seconds but symbolically could not be more important"

In their efforts to be as moronic as possible, Cuntservative MPs have been condemning Labour MPs for pointing out the squalour behind the Monarchist fervour.
Conservatism and authoritarianism are intrinsically linked - i''m really not surprised they worship the Quaen so effusively

The pathetic nature of nationalism. In this case, Scottish nationalism.
Even though there are good reasons for governmental separation, separatist movements are always culturally motivated, despite the fact that nations are imaginary - they are social constructs - they can not be said to exist, independent of people's beliefs about them.
"Distilling Scottishness from Britishness is essential to the SNP case for Independence… but their recent talking points suggest they are avoiding this issue."

Helping the police to police the police
Watch some activists kettle the police - a tactic that is completely legal, and is conducted by police forces around the world, including the UK. They don't like it. Funny, that!

Why won't the Queen embrace the queens?
"Astonishingly, since she became Queen in 1952, the words ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ have never publicly passed her lips. There is no record of her ever speaking them. Even when she announced government plans for gay law reform in her Queen’s Speeches, she did not use the words lesbian or gay. Apparently, mentioning LGBT people is beneath the dignity of the monarch"

Cuntservative MP, Ken Gregory, has joined many other conservatives by being disconcertingly ignorant and homophobic, and vocal about it too

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