Monday, 11 June 2012

Superstition/Religion stuff from the week 4-10/6/12

Meditation - "expand[ing] the space of conscious experience" - as described in the article, or a mechanism by which to control people's minds without them noticing?
Well, actually, this could easily be a dud result, anyway - 20 people, 20 questions, and an average difference in score of 2? Not a very strong result.
Plus, if you follow the link to the actual article, you'll find that the research was not blinded - they all knew whether they'd done meditation or not. It's completely null study, with a result easily accountable for by placebo effect!

Autistic people are apparently less able to pretend that their own opinions are really those of a hyper-abstracted non-entity. Good for them!

This is old news -  i remember the Hitch mentioning it, years ago - but at least it's official now.
Judaism, like all the other disgusting death cults that are so tamely termed 'Religions', has its fair share of embarrassingly insane rituals.
An ex-hasidic-Jew was the guest on last week's Skeptic's Guide To The Universe podcast. And yes, i am nudging you there because they mentioned the awful things they do.

This report is unnecessarily indecisive.
Chiropractic is little more than martial arts plus an ironically healthy-looking bill for your pains.
I'm not surprised that it enjoys a larger placebo effect than other pseudo-scientific disciplines, but causing strokes in people as young as teenagers?
I'm sorry, but the evidence is clear - chiropractic to the neck causes strokes, and that just isn't acceptable in a medical modality that has nothing more than the placebo effect to its name!

'Big bucks' fraud isn't purely the domain of Religion - a Hollywood psychic defrauded a woman of $200,000 by claiming to rid her of a curse.

Then again, Religion does have a few of these, grotty reports involving children on its scoreboard.
Rather than take a newborn to someone who actually knows about keeping people alive, they decided to 'save' the baby (named 'Faith', by the way) by praying for it.
And it died.
The excuse (self deception) - Gawd's plan.
Never. Their. Fault.

Religious misogyny in Egypt on the rise?

Sudan is one of the many godawful countries that exhibits Islamic crimes.
In this instance, a woman's been condemned to death by stoning on the testimony of her brother, and has been imprisoned with her five-month-old baby, and her legs shackled!

Taming the nuns
"The trouble with God experts is that they squabble among themselves so much"
The Vatican has recently had a 'disagreement' with American nuns about what Yahweh thinks about things.

It seems New Zealand isn't immune to batshit theistical cults

Do evangelicals always look for vulnerable populations to ply with their superstitions?
Is water wet?

Which population's got the bigoted homophobes in it? Theists or a-theists?
The answer's obvious!

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