Monday, 4 June 2012

Smoking special, covering articles from 28/5 - 3/6/12

There's been quite a lot of news on medicalxpress, recently, covering the extensive effects of combusted tobacco plant inhalation. This is, of course, nowhere near concise evidence, damning what can only be considered, post-scrutiny, to be an incredibly stupid pursuit, perpetuated purely by nicotine addiction and puerile cultural habits.

- Maternal smoking during pregnancy causes severe asthma in children
- Maternal smoking during pregnancy causes children to suffer more asthma, lung infections, and a general lack of lung function
- Maternal smoking during pregnancy causes babies to be born ~200 grammes lighter than their healthier counterparts

A great video, made by Cancer Research UK, supporting the campaign to enforce blank cigarette packets:

The petition:

The studies:

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