Thursday, 14 June 2012

Engineering stuff from the week 11-17/6/12

From Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged programme:
Electric Bikes Part 1: Exploration of electrically-enhanced push bikes
Electric Bikes Part 2: A look at the rather exciting Agility Saietta - an electric motorbike with acceleration that'll leave you behind, sitting on the start line!

Eco-conscious foreigners have been driving the construction of massive bamboo structures in Bali, Indonesia.
"An entire school, luxury villas and even a chocolate factory are the latest structures to rise from bamboo skeletons as the plant's green credentials and strength are hailed." news:
Schoolkid hydroponics; crustacean battle armour; autonomous sewing factories; interferometer exoplanet detection; free satellites for NASA; and a quadcoptor that stays with you as you jog.

[video] Autonomous flying robots have been designed that can also self-right themselevs if they crash. This could make them useful in 'disaster' zones, in the search for lost people, for example.

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