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Sociology stuff from the week 18-24/6/12

Children of lesbian parents are not left at a deficit by having two mothers. In fact, they're better off -- kids of lesbian parents are less likely to internalise problems, and have plenty of male role models, in the form of uncles, friends, biological fathers, etc.

'Social-class discrimination contributes to poorer health'
A study has found that different treatment of people perceived to be of a different social class causes a noticeable health deficit.
"Our findings suggest that the stigma associated with poverty can lead to class discrimination, which, over time, can impact an individual's health"

'Children, brain development and the criminal law'
There is no such thing as just 'a criminal'.
Currently, legal systems do not heed the fact that criminal behaviour is the consequence of a variety of social and physiological factors.
"a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) - from an accident or assault – significantly increases the risk of involvement in violent crime."

'Science is 'girl thing', says Europe campaign'
Getting girls interested in science research will require the augmentation of culture, so that they are interested in science in general.
Currently, science is not seen as a 'girl thing', and that is a shame.
Too many girls enthuse in novels, and other fictive wastes of time (IMO), but are not engaging in the genuinely interesting things in life.
This is the way to really fail at encouraging girls to do science:

Blogging, but not social networking, relieves the stress of becoming a mother!
All the participants had had their first child, within 18 months of the study.

'Routine justice: Research shows how racial and gender profiling can affect outcome of traffic stops'
Racism and sexism in action
* When compared with men, women were 23 percent less likely to be ticketed, 55 percent less likely to be arrested and 76 percent percent less likely to be searched when stopped by police. Women were more likely to only receive a warning or have no outcome when stopped by police during a traffic stop.
* Black and Hispanic drivers were significantly more likely to be searched, ticketed and arrested than white drivers when stopped by police. For example, black drivers were more than twice as likely to be searched or arrested when compared with white drivers. Hispanic drivers were almost three times as likely to be searched when compared with white drivers.
People have a a tendency to conform to type -- if you treat people like criminals, they begin to behave more like criminals. It's as if you've decided their social role for them.

'Parents -- not TV -- may determine whether kids are active or couch potatoes'
I think the term 'neglectful' is a bit harsh - they might not be being deliberate -- but the gist of this research is that the cultural habits of parents are passed on to the kids, so if kids are not encouraged to be active, through engagement with their guardians, then they develop sedentary habits, rather than active ones, and therefore have more difficulty in using up the calories that their stomachs compel them to consume, day after day.
To back this up, there's another study out which shows the difference in behaviour between girls and boys, kids that are taken to sports clubs and those that aren't, and kids with older and younger parents.
The gist, yet again, is that the habits of the parents are passed to the kids, and that determines their own habits, as they grow up.
One worrying aspect of the study is how little girls are encouraged to exercise - the big reason for health disparity and lower body confidence.

'Older women more prone to workplace injuries'
This study found that older women experience three times as many severe falls in their workplace as younger women.
This doesn't necessarily mean the workplace is majorly responsible for the injuries, however i'm pretty sure most employers and colleagues won't want serious accidents happening in their offices, wherever the blame really lies.

'Teens turn from Facebook to fresher social-media sites'
How dare they describe Tumblr as "niche"? I love Tumblr - it's great!

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