Sunday, 24 June 2012

Religion stuff from the week 18-24/6/12

'Religious Extremism In Public Schools: Sean Faircloth interviews author Katherine Stewart'
Analysis of the seemingly-innocuous tactics that cult groups use in the US, to indoctrinate school children.
Warning for UKians: there are groups in the UK that, because of the Cuntservatives, are already employing these tactics!

'Australian churches preach against same-sex marriage bill'
"Leaders of the Catholic, Anglican and Greek Orthodox churches had priests read statements from the pulpit stressing that same-sex marriage would be inconsistent with religious teachings."

[video] 'Christian Extremists Send Death Threats to Professor?'

'Guilty, guilty, guilty'
If Jerry Sandusky had been a priest rather than a football coach, he would have been rewarded for his crimes, and relocated, rather than convicted on 45 out of 48 counts!

'What motivates generosity? Researchers study Muslims, Catholics'
This seemed such a suspect title - and my suspicion was only aroused further by the contents!
In case you didn't already know, The Templeton Foundation funds research that it thinks might possibly get a result that could be misconstrued to make Religion look... nice.
Templeton was a Religious person and wanted to [cough]... bring Science and Religion together [vomits]
All this study found was that both Muslims and Catholics feel motivated to try to help other people.
And that told us what?!? They're people! People help each other. That's already known.
What difference does Religion make? Do the Muslims and the Catholics each try to do wrong things, because they're deluded about what's actually morally right?
Did they? They have no idea! Why? Because they didn't research it - that's why.
Fatuous research is fatuous.
It has been done for one reason and reason only - to pollute people's minds with the fog of superstitious agnotism that Religion depends upon to survive in such a relatively-enlightened culture!
The Templeton prize:

"The Archbishop of Canterbury has attacked David Cameron's "big society", saying it comes across as "aspirational waffle"."
Oh, you have to be joking!
But it isn't the 1st of April!?!?
The  hypocrisy never fails to astound me....

'Unsafe abortions on the rise in Africa'
The reason? Social stigma, brought about by superstition

Creationism and plagiarism go hand in hand.
Well, when you don't have the intellectual veracity to develop your own ideas, you're forced to copy and paste other people's!

Chief Rabbit says all same-sex unions/marriages are against Jewish law -- then tell Judaism to go fuck itself!

'Man searched at airport on suspicion of paedophilia ‘because he had a camera and a boyfriend’'
There's no explicit evidence that this homophobia was Religiously-motivated, but given the elements of the case, i think it fits the type.
"“When subsequently asked why this passenger had been stopped immediately after this interaction, the officer commented that the passenger ‘looked like he might be involved in paedophilia’ and then went on to say that ‘the presence of the camera and the fact he had a boyfriend confirmed this’ (no photos were examined)."

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