Monday, 11 June 2012

Entertainment stuff from the week 4-10/6/12

Aleksey Igudesman's film mockumentary about Julian Rachlin, world-renowned nose fetishist, and some time violinist

10 bets you will never lose - courtesy of Richard Wiseman

Dodgy research of the week:
Within a species of finch in Australia, researchers have reported a difference in 'personality' between birds, based on the colour of their head-feathers :/
a) The study didn't last long, so could easily be a false positive
b) By what mechanism could head-feather pigmentation posibbly be connected to personality-type? Unless by some as-yet-unknown pleiotropic gene?!

Bet ya didn't know about these, LOL

Quote Of The Week:
"The light that burns three quarters as bright burns five eighths as long as the light that burns a quarter as bright as the light that's gone out" - The Creator, Red Dwarf : Back To Earth

Point 1: I love "beautiful breasts" too. Expect me to stare at them :P
Point 2: "Oogle"? Really? I've never heard anyone pronounce it that way before!?

Nigerian scammers scammed by a woman in Brisbane, Australia :D
Stinger stung
YOU just can't trust anybody any more, as the founders of a company called "Black Diamond" have learned the hard way. They hired Sarah Jane Cochrane-Ramsey in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, to collect money for cars offered for sale over the internet. She was to deduct a commission for herself, and forward the remainder to them.
Alas, according to The Courier Mail in Queensland, she kept the A$33,350 she received from two would-be car buyers, and didn't forward a penny to her employers in Nigeria.
They, of course, were running a scam that involves hiring people overseas to act as sales agents for non-existent products. The agents are then supposed to forward the proceeds to Nigeria before anyone complains about non-delivery.
Unsurprisingly, it wasn't the bogus Black Diamond people who got round to filing a complaint about the theft. It was the would-be car buyers who called the cops.

Rampant paedophilia and necrophilia -- in Adelie penguins? Surely not?
Well, consider that they seldom have prior experience, so when they go to mate, they have no idea what they should be putting their libido into. Then it makes a lot more sense.
They're like horny teenagers looking for something to bonk - they'll try anything, it seems!

Godless? You need GODZ 4 UZ

Katy Perry to play Freddie Mercury's girlfriend in new film?
On science websites, articles titled with question marks almost always have the answer: "no!"
Hopefully, that correlation doesn't extend to entertainment :)

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