Monday, 4 June 2012

Politics stuff from the week 28/5 - 3/6/12

They've reversed their tax on hot food, thereby giving up a small proportion of £75m, but seem perfectly fine with their rebate to cult organisations for doing up their residences. But then, we expect hypocrisy of conservatives, don't we.

In Florida, where 'felons' don't get a vote, the Republicans have been scrubbing non-Republican voters from the voter rolls by falsely listing them as criminals

"We don't give Holocaust deniers equal time to vent their noxious views, so why offer it to the climate change deniers?"
The only reason nothing has been done about fossil-fuel-combustion-caused climatic change is the doubt that has been fabricated by fossil fuel industry advocates

Report reveals shocking statistics of harassment in London, the UK

Misognyny comes just as easily to women as it does to men:

Private sector companies and the Conservatives have been colluding to exploit the Department of Work and Pensions for their own selfish profiteering.

The Conservative smear campaign against Sonia Purnell, on the behalf of Boris Johnson

Can the US healthcare system get any worse? My imagination didn't extend even this far!
Private healthcare does not work.
In my learned opinion, the private sector should be barred from public services entirely - the selfishness of the profit motive should play no part in public services

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