Monday, 18 June 2012

Pseudioscience/Superstition stuff from the week 11-17/6/12

Dr. Steven Novella's appraisal of last week's story about the dangers of chiropractic, especially when applied to the neck
Info on the damage done by chiropractic pseudoscience, from the What's The Harm? database

An example of chiroquacktic, here in Minnesota:

Geneticists have condemned the use of genetic testing to support ethnicism (because it sounds nicer to "racism", nowadays, even though it's exactly the same concept)
A Hungarian politician wanted to establish their 'ethnic purity'; more pertinently, they wanted to establish their lack of Jewishness. Yup, you could have guessed they'd be a Christian xenophobe!
Professor Joerg Schmidtke, President of ESHG, said on behalf of the Executive Board: "This is a gross distortion of the values of genetic testing, which is intended to be used to diagnose disease rather than to claim racial purity. In addition, the test proves nothing; it is impossible to deduce someone's origins from testing so few places in the genome. I am sure that clinical geneticists worldwide will join me in condemning this scandalous abuse of a technology that was developed to help the sick, rather than to promote hatred."
The horrifically fascistic, nationalistic, xenophobic, homophobic, Christianist 'Jobbik' Party

Belief in ghosts. Harmless, right?
'Two teens killed in ghost legend game'

The low-down on how anti-vaccination superstition's going on in Australia (the same as the rest of the world - they're risking millions of lives with their ignorance)

How's this for embarrassing superstition?
The Animal Channel recently aired a program all about... mermaids. And yes, it was a 'factual' programme :D

'Victims In Psychic-Inspired Hoax Sue Police'

'Measles Outbreak Kills Three Children in Narok' -- they insisted on using herbal 'medicine' instead of real medicine

Son, 19, died of morphine overdose from 'natural' poppy pod. Natural does not mean 'safe' - it means 'dodgy'

The curious case of the Buddhists in the day-time...
'Mysterious Buddhist Retreat in the Desert Ends in a Grisly Death'

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