Monday, 4 June 2012

Entertainment stuff from the week 28/5 - 3/6/12

Queen Extravaganza, a band hand-picked by Brian May and Roger Taylor, performing March Of The Black Queen and Dragon Attack

The Darkness' 2nd new song from their upcoming 3rd album 'Hot Cakes' - Every Inch Of You
Plus the full tracklisting for their upcoming 3rd album 'Hot Cakes'

This is Charlie McDonnell.. if you didn't already know

If there's something to know, Science will find it!
The reason bubbles in Guinness beer seem to 'float' downwards is due to the shape of the glass.
The bubbles are still trying to rise, but the fluid in which they rise is falling faster than they rise through it. This results in a net downward movement.
Any nitrogen bubbles in a similarly viscous fluid should do the same thing, in a glass where the top is thinner than the bottom

"I never touched a drop, officer!"
Cedar Waxwings have been caught flying while under the influence. I'm not joking - read the article...

Pharyngula's friday cephalopod - the jewel squid

Some salt with your watermelon, sir?
And would you like that as a drink?

Humidity does not play a part in helping to swing a cricket ball, when bowled

A woman, probably drunk, erm... well, read it...

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