Monday, 18 June 2012

Politics stuff from the week 11-17/6/12

'The war on the disabled people: just winning a few battles isn’t enough'

Online freedom? There's an app for that
Rather ironically, the US State is funding a project into producing software that anyone can use, to evade government censorship.
It seems the technology has been supported in order to undermine the 'Reds' (China and Russia) but could similarly be used to hold corrupt US governments to account. Now that would be poetic justice!

Culling doesn't work!
Not in badgers, and not in bats, either. But why?
These researchers think it's because culling tends to kill off older, already-immune animals in preference to juvniles. Culling also encourages them to move around, to 'fill the space', thereby increasing prevalence of the disease that the cullers were attempting to get rid of.

A member of the greek Nazi 'Golden Dawn' Party attacked two female politicians during a televised debate, did the typical Religious thing of blaming the victims, and then went into hiding to avoid arrest!

A woman from Oregon, in the US, has won $900,000 from a lawsuit in which a man who knew he had herpes spread it to her by not wearing a condom during sex.
"[The] jury found that the man was 75% negligent but that the woman was also 25% responsible."
"Vogt praised his client as a “heroine” for standing up to hold a “dangerous” man responsible."
This is a good decision. STDs are not pleasant, and certainly not herpes! They were right to consider wanton transmission as 'battery' (maybe termed "assualt", in the UK?).
People should take responsibility for what they do with their own genitals. I'm pretty much permanetyl pissed off with homophobes complaining about what other people do with their genitals - and they're the ones who tend to be more lax when it comes to sexual health! (due to cultural ignorance)

A Cuntservative councillor who bullied a bisexual fellow councillor has been given a 6-month suspension -- so when everybody's forgotten about it, they can welcome their fellow bigot back with open arms!

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