Sunday, 24 June 2012

Politics stuff from the week 18-24/6/12

'Here’s our Cabinet Office paper on randomised trials of government policies. Read it.'

This is a great, well-written report, on the merits of randomized controlled trial (RCT) implementation in taking a serious attitude to government policy.

If the reasoning behind your policies were faulty, then why would you do it?

As far as i'm concerned, there is no room for spurious policy formation in government affairs. And if that's what 'politics' means to you, then we should kick politics out of government!

All governmental decisions and policy formations should be evidence-based.

Good news for any who cares about freedom of information:

"The international trade committee voted 19-12 against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), recommending that the full European Parliament bury the international pact next month."
Acts like the ACTA, and the US equivalents of SOPA and PIPA, are motivated purely by industry profit-margin-preserving interests - intellectual property legislation does not increase productivity/creativity (quite the opposite) and it does so at the expense of the mediums that they exploit for profit. Musicians, for example, receive very little of the money that the music industry gets from sales.

A Korean photographer has received death threats and has had his exhibition cancelled, after pressure from conservatives to censor the content.
His work is about the 'Comfort Women' as they were called, who were forced into sexual slavery by Japanese armed forces, during WWII.
"But others have come out in support, dubbing the cancellation a “betrayal of women”, including The Japan Visual Journalists Association, The Japan Daily Press, The Japan Times and CNN."

'The Climate Crocks Interview: Marc Morano at Heartland' (greenman3610)
An interview with Marc Morano - one of the climate-change-doubt engineers at the denialist Heartland Institute

In case you didn't already know, the UK's run by the Bullingdon club!
No wonder it suffers so much corruption.

And the UK's one of the countries of the world that persistently pesters Google to censor government-critical content
'Politics prime target in take-down requests: Google'

'Soda companies' PR campaigns are bad for health: experts'
Industry propaganda is causing health defecits, and government corruption. We should not be tolerating this!

'IMF & ECB call for more transparency in public finances'
This should be covered by Freedom of Information legislation. People can't make informed decisions unless they're actually informed.

'Tax breaks for video games industry'
So while public services 'have' to undergo swinging 'austerity' cuts, the State can afford to forego millions of tax revenue to the benefit of film-makers?
WTF are those tossers going to do next?

This is just such a ridiculous story! Vaginagate -- a congresswoman was thrown out for saying the word "vagina".
Moronic conservatist sexual self-loathing at its most symbolic!
Everybody say it...

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