Monday, 18 June 2012

Religion stuff from the week 11-17/6/12

As expected of the Religious, Jews have come to the defence of a perpetrator of sexual abuse against a girl from the age of 9 to 12!
"The girl has been called a slut and a troublemaker and her family has been threatened by other members of the community which held a fundraising rally for him in May."
Religion is sick. Absolutely sick. You don't get a-theists doing shit like this! The 'moderates' who tacitly support it shoud be ashamed of themselves.

'Saudi Arabia may have talent, but only the men apparently'
Buraydah, in the north of Saudi Arabia, is badly affected by Wahabi Islam.
"As a result, all contestants on Buraydah’s Got Talent will be male, as female contestants are banned."

More positive Saudi Arabian news: women are making a stand - or rather, a sit - for their freedom to drive.
(It is illegal for women to drive, in Saudi Arabia)

We're getting plenty of run out of 'Women's Views On News' in this section, this week, aren't we!
'Women football fans face Iran ban'
Iranian Islamism's sought to prevent women from enjoying football in any way.
Football has become increasingly popular in Iran, amongst men and women, but women are subjugated by the Religious, fake notion of 'appropriateness'.
"It is an inappropriate situation when men and women watch football in (movie) theatres together."
In what parallel universe could the use of that term - 'inappropriate' - have pertinence?!?

Ah - it's nice to see the friendly face of the liberal, Anglican, Christian mainstream, once in a while...
"The Church said it rejected the idea of marriage rights for gay couples"
"Gays marrying will lead to children being taught about ‘eating human faeces’"
Eeeeh... hmmm.. maybe not...
"The Church criticised the government for accepting without question that the commitment of a gay couple is “as significant” as that of a straight couple."
"Accepting without question" -- irony!
"they are tacitly or overtly encouraged to experiment with high-risk, psychologically and physically dangerous sex acts which can cost them their lives.”
Ahahaha.. ahaha.. ahahahaha... ahahahahahhahahahaha............ srsly????
We must consider something, here - what does 'mainstream' mean, in this context? Main to what stream? Morality? Wider public opinion? Or Christianism?
It is not morally mainstream to consider non-heterosexuals to be reprobates, worthy of subjugation. It is not even socially mainstream. It is Religiously mainstream.
Mainstream Religion is bigoted, homophobic, and thoroughly spiteful. We should expect nothing less from it, and we should treat it with nothing less than contempt.

'Don’t diss gods in Indonesia'
An Indonesiamn atheist has been imprisoned merely for stating his refusal to deny the obvious. Atheophobia is real.

Despite women's growing wealth in the US, Religious establishments there are baulking at accepting them as financial donors.
The female-loathing misogyny of Religion must see it as 'dirty' money. Women aren't deemed worthy of being considered viable sources of support -- too weak and feable, you see.

When fair marriage was on the cards, and a Conservative prime minister anomalously supported it, who was there in opposition?
You've guessed it - the Religious! The Conservative Christian Fellowship and many other superstition-motivated pressure groups.

Muslim homophobe found guilty of hate speech, in Derbyshire, UK

OFCOM has ruled that an Islamist's homophobic sermon breached broadcasting regulations.
"She had also said: “Allah states, ‘If they do such a deed [i.e. homosexuality], punish them, both physically and mentally.’ Mental punishment means rebuke them, beat them, humiliate them, admonish and curse them, and beat them up."

'Religious health care exemptions for children reward neglect'
We should have a right to freedom FROM Religion, not grant Religion freedom.
It disappoints me to see antitheist secularists claiming that Freedom of Religion guarantees freedom from Religion. It does not. Freedom FROM Religion is what we need.

'Faith is all about acquiescence to the intolerable'


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